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By Wings Lu | 13 June 2022 | 0 Comments

5 things to look for in a monopod

1. Strength and stability

A monopod should have the ability to hold the overall integrated weight of your camera/lens/accessories setup. If you're using a lightweight mirrorless camera and a small lens, this will be a quite various proposal than if you're using a hefty pro DSLR with a telephoto lens.


Different monopods are built from various materials – most commonly aluminium or carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is stronger and lighter, but also more expensive. For a basic setup, an aluminium monopod will be more than adequate.


2. Reach new heights


How high do you need your monopod to go? This will certainly rely on numerous variables, not least of which is how high you're. Monopods you can most likely conserve money by getting a monopod that doesn't extend so far, you can most likely conserve money by getting a monopod that doesn't extend so far.


3. Lock and load


There are two ways to lock the monopod: twist or flip style. Twist-locks tend to be safer, but flip-locks are faster. Tripod users tend to prefer more secure locks, but for a monopod, you may be better off with something that can be deployed faster, in order to take better take advantage of the monopod's greater shooting versatility. But the twist knobs that have been improved by our professional designers, the Manbily monopod with the twist style also can fast locking and release.


4. Plant your feet


Some monopods will have additional flip-out feet for more stable support or a fixed rounded foot. Such as Manbily A-222 monopod kit, with a tripod base. Though of course, it does make the overall setup bulkier.


5. Grip tight


At the top of the monopod there should be a grip – on ordinary monopods it’ll likely be foam, while more expensive models will use textured rubber. As the monopod won't stand up on its own without your assistance, it's important that you're able to keep a secure grip on it.

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