Photography is the science of using light-Manbily LS-650 RGB Light Stick

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Photography is the science of using light. The use of light directly affects the quality of photo imaging.


In photography, the fill light usually has the following functions:


①Supplementary main light source


②Fill Light Photography (Light Painting)


③Focus assist


Most of the large-scale supplementary light equipment needs to be used with large soft light accessories, which will become inconvenient when you need to go out to shoot. At this time, the use of rod lights can reduce the equipment that needs to be carried. Manbily full-color RGB led rod lights, model LS-650RGB, are small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and have softer light.

Portrait shooting: when using a single light, use normal color temperature (cold and warm light as needed) to fill the front of the subject with light


Use RGB color light dual lights to arrange lighting

Still Life and Macro Shots: Color Effects for Product Shots

1. Lighting chart for the comparison of cold and warm products

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