New Designs-Manbily YS-254 Camera Tripod

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Update time : 2022-01-01 11:02:00
The New Arrivals-Manbily YS-254/254C Tripod
This Tripod took less than half a year for this new product from R&D to production, which is based on our strong R&D team and more than ten years of production experience.Based on efficient R&D and production, the production cost is controlled while ensuring high-quality product quality. Provide consumers with more high-quality products at preferential prices.

On the basis of a no center axis tripod, we added a special-shaped center axis(traditional tripods, mostly round center axis) without increasing the storage volume, so that this tripod has the height of a normal tripod, and stability.

The Manbily YS-254/YS-254C tripod has an additional 1/4 port, which is convenient to add a magic hand and a mobile phone holder, so that you can use the camera and the mobile phone to record beautiful scenery at the same time.




The patented technology of oil-free trigger is used. There is no need to add damping lubricant to the trigger to adjust the angle of the tripod. The patented trigger technology of Manbili is used to ensure the smooth adjustment of the trigger and avoid the damping lubricant overflow.



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